The year 2020 is coming to an end, but our company is not slowing down with the implementation of further investm

ents. In September 2020, Remal once again successfully completed the renovation of the equipment of the first group, on the premises of the pulp mill of the paper mills Of International Paper Sp. z o.o. in Kwidzyn.

A major challenge for our repair crews was the adaptation of staff to new and increasingly stringent health and safety requirements. recently implemented on the territory of IP Kwidzyn. It was also difficult for us to work under special conditions of sanitary restrictions related to COVID 19.

We also carried out a project for the customer to modernize stainless steel pipelines, where there was a lot of welding work in this material. The start-up of the devices was successful, thus we successfully completed the renovation campaign at that plant.

International Paper Kwidzyn is one of the leading manufacturers of cellulose and paper in Europe. Being a national leader in the industry, the Kwidzyn plant actively implements the principles of corporate social responsibility in all areas of activity.The Kwidzyn plant is a manufacturer of high-quality photocopying papers, printers and copiers; for printing reports, books, manuals, posters, advertising prints, inserts and leaflets; coated cardboard for the manufacture pharmaceutical packaging and luxury packaging of cosmetics or confectionery; newslayer made from 100% recycled paper.

All products produced in International Paper Kwidzyn from primary fibres are FSC certified® confirming the company's use of fibres exclusively from forests managed responsibly while maintaining the full supply

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