We have the possibility of bending the DURMA press-brake sheet type AD-S 40320
Bending is the process of forming a sheet. Press brakes, otherwise the edges are used to shape the sheet using a knife that presses it to the prism. Using the press brake, you can bend the sheet at any angle.

Our machine is a modern edge, equipped with numerical control (CNC), which greatly accelerates the operation and ensures the accuracy of bending and its repeatability.
A large number of original WILA tools, dies, stamps allows us to offer a wide range of services.

The DURMA-type AD-S 40320 has the same edge as:

  • Maximum pressure: up to 320 tons.
  • Maximum bending length: up to 4 000 mm.
  • Punch position positioning accuracy: up to 0.005 mm.
  • CNC control axes Y1, Y2, X, R and front supports AP3, AP4.
  • Programming the length and any bending angle and simulating the bending process.
  • Axle adjustments for the product and for the step, compensation of the table deflection.
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