Our company is constantly developing its machine park, creating new jobs and expanding its range in the field of steel. Every new machine in our plant allows us to provide services of increasing quality.

The novelty in our plant is a completely renovated and ready-to-work puller type 1M63M/2000,
Lathe is a machine known for more than a hundred years and belongs to the most popular equipment for machining. Invented in 1870 by Mr Spencer, it proved to be a revolutionary discovery that, after more than a century of use, is still appreciated and essential equipment in all workshops and companies where metal working forms the basis of production. Today’s lathes, despite the preservation of working rules, have undergone many changes and are very modern, much more effective and more accurate devices, thanks to which each element can be performed with extraordinary accuracy.

Thanks to it, you can make many simple elements, transforming a simple metal roller into a more complex shape.

We make such structural elements of machines and equipment as:

  • Shafts
  • Pins
  • Snails
  • wheels,
  • trapezoidal screws,
  • threaded elements, etc.

We rely on the experience and excellent ability to interpret technical documentation, so that each element is perfectly prepared with the original premise.

We carry out work in materials such as:

  • different types of steel – ordinary, alloy, acid-resistant, stainless steel, etc.
  • non-ferrous metals – aluminium, copper,
  • colored metals – bronze, brass.

We will deal with any challenge.

You need a specific steel element – we invite you to contact us.

Below we present some photos of the renovated machine.