We offer the execution and installation of flood protection dams, in the area of flooding, cellars and garages. Flood barriers are designed to protect holes up to 3500 mm wide and have a height of 400 or 800 mm. The flood barrier is installed in reces, gates, garage doors, low-lying windows, etc., in order to protect the rooms from water splashing. Flood barriers are ideal for violent and short-term water supplies such as After intense precipitation. It is lightweight and very easy to assemble. One person will easily install it in a few minutes. Flood barriers can be equipped with a protection against disassembling by unauthorized persons and give a sense of total peace, eg. During the holiday trip.

The tightness between the supplied components, when properly assembled, is sufficient to fulfill the protection function, but is not absolute. Small water leaks between the components are allowed. The protection of the object against flooding will also depend on the flatness and equality of the substrate (vertical sections for the installation of guides and horizontal, which is based on the bottom part of the dam). For large unevenness, it is recommended to align the ground, to rebuild the vertical and the total level. Any inequality will be revealed by water, but after proper preparation of the substrate and assembly should be eliminated. It is also important that the flood barrier be used in places where the expected water level does not exceed its height. Due to the simplicity of the solution, the flood firewall is suitable for self-mounting according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The flood barriers offered may have a height of 400 or 800 mm.

There are also two variants:

  • VARIANT I: A firewall installed in front of the hole,
  • VARIANT II: The firewall is mounted in the hole. The price of the flood barrier depends on the individual parameters of the dam.

Example of a flood barrier (garage) Price:
Height: 400 mm,-width: 3000 mm,-VARIANT I: Mounted before hole (garage door),-Price: 3.997,50 zł gross (3.250,00 zł net). The price does not take into account transportation costs and possible installation. The type and costs of transport are determined individually. NOTE: The possibility of distributing the payment behind the firewall to a convenient installment (details determined individually).

If you are interested in an offer to make a flood barrier, please contact us by e-mail or by telephone, indicating the following information:

  • The height of the dam (400 or 800 mm),
  • Width of the opening in the light,
  • Mounting Variant (VARIANT I before hole or VARIANT II in the hole).

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