We specialize in the implementation of various types of aluminum constructions, such as: Boat and ship hulks, various types of containers, boxes, furniture, racks, fasteners for the transmission of electric current. We weld aluminum components, especially large and very large sections. We can effectively combine aluminium welding with steel, directly or with BI and trimetallic components. Our welded joints are characterized by high strength and low resistance. Such specialised connections are used for the transmission of high currents of direct and alternating current and are applicable in the Electrolyz supply, the construction of rectilinear systems.

Remal also performs welding of various aluminium and aluminium alloy profiles. We have extensive experience in the performance of this material of pallets and masks. Our pallets and masks are dedicated mainly for demanding applications in exhibition centres and in the pharmaceutical and food industries. We make pallets and masks according to our own projects, based on documentation entrusted or developed by us according to the arrangements and according to the needs of our clients.

In the aluminium range we use process welding according to PN EN ISO-4063 131 (MIG), 141 (TIG). We have qualified NDT staff acc. to PN-EN ISO 9712 for the control of non-destructive welded connectors VT, MT and PT and implemented certified quality control system.

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