We offer the service of mechanical cleaning of metal surfaces by shot blasting (rust, zendry, varnish and paint purification). The process prepares cleaned surfaces for application of paint coatings, while maintaining the proper roughness and purity class of metal surfaces. We have a professional staff and the appropriate technical facilities for the realization of this service, as well as to perform on them anti-corrosion protection of selected painting coatings. We have four Roto-Jet turbine roller cleaning plants from Schlick and heated painting with hydrodynamic aggregates for application of paint coatings.

Technical parameters of the cleaning machine:

  • The width of the passage through the machine: 1500 mm,
  • Flight height by machine: 1100 mm,
  • 4 turbines-Each 11 kW, powered by a frequency inverter, set up to the shot-blasting elements.

The Cleaner works with a professional painter with an area of over 400 m2 equipped with hydrodynamic aggregates and heating systems. We are able to apply different paint systems.

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