Technology is constantly changing our world in virtually every area of life. It is also no different in production or service companies, where time, quality and costs play a huge role. Optimization of time and costs without compromising on quality is a noticeable trend today, which cannot be ignored or avoided. Developing cost-effective and economical working methods has become the number one task for most companies in the world. One of such methods is also CNC machining.

CNC machining is a technology that took its abbreviation from the English name – Computerized Numerical Control, which in translation into Polish means computer numerical control.

CNC machining in a very simple way is the use in the machining process of a machine that has been equipped with a microcomputer controlling the machining process. They are most often used for processing metal, wood, but also plastics or other materials that require accurate shaping. In order to obtain a product that meets our needs as a result of the machine’s work, it is necessary to first design it in a special computer program, then transfer the project to the machine control program and finally make it on a CNC machine tool. Thanks to the use of appropriate controllers, the machine constantly verifies the values and parameters entered into its memory with data on the machine during operation. Thanks to this approach, CNC machining ensures that the final product will have exactly the parameters we expect.

CNC machining has a lot of advantages, which makes it one of the most commonly used machining methods. First of all, it automates and thus accelerates the precise execution of elements. What’s more, thanks to CNC machining, we have a guaranteed repeatability of producing the same product, with the same properties in a short period of time.

CNC machining also increases efficiency, improves accuracy and, last but not least, minimizes errors that occur with the traditional machining method. Not without significance is also the fact that CNC machining undoubtedly increases work safety due to the fact that the machine performs most of the work without human intervention.

CNC machining is therefore one of the most efficient processes used in the machining of both metals and other materials. It definitely reduces production costs and increases efficiency without harming the final quality of a given product. It also allows for perfect reproduction of projects with different levels of complexity, and repeatability and short lead time makes classic machining methods give way to its place.