We perform welding of steel-steel, aluminium-aluminium, steel-aluminium components on request

We use welding methods according to PN EN ISO-4063 131 (MIG), 135 (MAG), 141 (TIG) and Stick Electrodes 111 (MAW). We employ highly qualified engineering personnel, including the IWE-certified main welder and executive staff. We have professional technical facilities together with modern welding units from FRONIUS. We perform repairs of devices subject to the Technical Supervision Act. As a company empowered by a notified body, the UDT shall carry out corrective, sub-metering welded joints according to the technical documentation made and agreed upon by us. Welds are tested by personnel qualified by an independent CLDT laboratory.

We have a quality system required for welding according to PN-EN ISO 3834-2.

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