Remal Company in 2019 performed for Seco Warwick S. A. Construction and components of furnace installation for heat treatment of components manufactured for the aerospace industry, which was built and launched under the supervision of our client SW S. A.. The Assembly was made on the Remal production hall. The furnace is a “Drop Bottom” system with dimensions of 3meters x 4 meters and a height of 8 meters. The unit consists of a furnace, loading baskets, a trolley with a cooling bath and a deposition.

Company Remal Sp. with o. about. Produced a black steel furnace design, stainless steel interior fittings and media installations such as water, air. The plant was also made of a variety of materials-including black and stainless steel. Remal Company under the supervision of SW S.A. The furnace was assembled together with the accompanying installations and took part in the commissioning of the furnaces. The process of execution of components, furnace installation, commissioning was carried out on the Remala production hall. After a successful commissioning, the system was dismantled, packaged and prepared for dispatch to the target customer.

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