Remal, at the turn of the year 2017/18, built and put into operation a production line of aluminum alloys. It is Remal’s original design, built on a “design and build” basis. The line consists of a melting station equipped with two induction furnaces with a capacity of 3 tons of liquid metal each, with a load-loading system, exhaust gas extraction and continuous gas refining of the melted metal.

The liquid metal is cast into a die-cast reveted machine by a metal ceramic gutted system. The kokile is cooled with water from a closed system, which is equipped with softening and cooling. The resulting water vapour is extracted from the coke and removed from the outside. The product of the line is the “wafer” of any aluminum alloy, and in this particular case they are aluminum mortar in the grades AlSi, AlMn and AlFe.

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