About how important a high performance is in the factory, you don’t have to convince anyone who has to maintain any production company. Losses caused by sudden breaks in line work, albeit incontypical, consist of a significant level of lost profits.

It is puzzing that in many cases downtime at work seems to be less dangerous than the vision of modernizing the line on which failures occur. The lack of willingness to consider this possibility is an underlining of the company’s performance issues. If interruptions occur with suspicious regularity, this is a clear signal to seriously think about modernization. Continuous repairs only announce one thing: Syzyfal work and subsequent slowdown and losses.

There is obviously no such thing as a completely non-emergency system, but the ongoing follow-up of technological development minimizes the risk of such unpleasant surprises. It must be said clearly: the modernisation of the production line is the same as increasing the level of efficiency.

Of course, modernization is inherent in automation, with an increasing margin of manoeuvre. Although a lot of positions can not do without supervision and human activity – his precise vision and hand work – in many cases it is professional equipment that provides better performance results. Machines perform a number of jobs faster and more efficiently.

This phenomenon should not be afraid, however, and workers who remain indispensable should be guaranteed the reorganisation of working time. Longer work means no proper regeneration, so it contributes to performance degradation. What does not serve man, nor does it serve the effects of his work. It is therefore worth to make a shift system.

This, however, is a note on the margins: we are still in the first place to modernisification of the production line and technical support around it. This is what every company has to offer, which offers increased efficiency in the maintenance of machinery: Comprehensive service in all industries.

Only a company with a wide cross-section of competence and many years of experience can offer this. Therefore, Remal is fully aware and prepared to command its services in the field of factory maintenance of machinery. The scope of these services, in addition to introducing new standards, also includes technical support and checks on mechanical fitness according to a predetermined rate.

Production lines and equipment need to do the same as inspection and systematic maintenance. Sooner or later, repairs are also in play. Remal is a company that can ensure that the machine Park operates in accordance with the latest technologies. On the other hand, it also has the competence to act preventively, preventing potential losses in all ways if downtime happens.