How to properly carry out the renovation of production lines ?

The system of machines and equipment in daily operation is exposed to failures of various nature – mechanical, energetic or electromechanical. Some of them are due to natural wear of components, others will be the result of operator errors or incorrect settings in the operation of the machine. Regardless of the cause of the fault, it absolutely needs to be fixed efficiently and as soon as possible. How should the production line be renovated?

Diagnostics in production line repairs

Success in eliminating production line failures, as with any other fault, depends largely on the customs location of the source of the problems. For this purpose, the technical documentation of the machine is often used in the first place and analyzes the correctness of the schemes and the compatibility of the restoration of projects. Already at this stage, it is often possible to catch errors, for example, in electrical systems. The source codes of control systems can be an equally valuable source of information. Diagnostics will not do, of course, without the expertise of the production line in the plant. It happens that it is carried out several times, due to the shift work of the company and the resulting differences in processes.

Measurements and meticulous analysis allow you to pinpoint the cause of the failure and proceed to draw up a detailed repair plan. In-depth diagnostics can also provide information about the possibilities of improving and optimizing the work of machines, which are implemented through modernization.

Repairs of production lines

The priority when machines stagnant is always to correct the fault efficiently. It can consist of rebuilding erroneous schemes, replacing a worn or damaged part, sometimes a specific component must first be done on the basis of documentation or recreated by nature. In some cases, alignment of the drive components is sufficient, which eliminates problematic vibrations.

Effects of production line repairs

The result of the service team's work is to restore the full efficiency and functionality of the machines. Often, small upgrades are carried out during the repair work, which bring benefits in the form of increasing the efficiency of the production line. Each time the re-operation is preceded by a series of tests and measurements on start-up machines, which confirm the repair performed correctly.